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Cut and Paste

It's been a long day of working outside in the heat to resolve the sculptures for my upcoming show. Making sculptures always gives me ideas for future paintings. It opens up doors in my mind that I probably wouldn't go through if I stuck to two dimensional work. I like when I have the opportunity to make objects that exist in space. These sculptures look and feel like loose abstract paintings to me, but they are made in a slow and thoughtful manner. I'm working using an additive process. I cut shapes, paint them, and adhere them to the larger pieces that have been established. With painting there is fluidity and time elaspses without thought. The sculpture require me to walk away to different cutting tools, wait for paint to dry, and for glue to cure. I'm never really allowed to lose track of the steps. Like in life, I am responding to the consequences of my decisions, good or bad, and finding the best possible solution that pushes things forward. I like having works in my studio that take on the challenge of being free from the structure of a plan.I think working in that fashion also gives the work an energy that you don't find in art that abides by the rules of the initial sketch. I think this exhibition will be a good mixture of all the components of my personality and it will be interesting to see my work in a compact gallery setting. I'm excited to show in a fresh space where I don't know the layout like the back of my hand. It will also be nice to have the viewer in a tight little box. #ArtBlog #artistlife #rogerallancleaves #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist #artphilosophy #sculpture #art #summerdays #memphisartist #memphisart #southernart #rogercleaves #artcollector #Tennesseeartist #painters #painting #contemporarypainting

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