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Drawing Goals

It has been a long time since I set out to make a drawing that was concrete in it's possibilities. Most of my drawings start abstractly now. I enjoy finding imagery in my warm up exercises and developing ideas from fragments. This morning I tried to draw something that was already resolved in my head and I found the task to be difficult in the sense that the idea of proceeding was just too boring.

I generally find art that looks like it has been preconceived to be boring unless it is immaculately delivered but even then it ranks lower that art that is more of a discovery process.Drawings where the artist could not have possibly known they had the power to create what they produced have more appeal to my aesthetic. I just want art to possess a sense of discovery and moments of perseverance where an obstacle was overcome. I guess that is why I'm not an illustrator; I need to take chances.

These days I am inspired by the shapes I create and ways to pack and fill them with imagery that is both ironic and potent. I'm interested in what I can dig out of myself , both the things that I personally buried and the things that I've yet to discover, because those thoughts will always be the most unique. I want to face the things I have yet to face and not be stuck on what I know I can already do.

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