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Featured in ArtAscent

I was recently featured in ArtAscent. I answered a call to artist to respond to the idea of youth. I'm really pleased with the write up about my work. I will post a link when they release the publication in the next couple of days. It really makes me feel good when people write about my work without trying to skirt around the ideas that I put into all the creations in my studio practice. It's impossible to understand my work without that insight. As a creator I don't set out to make people happy about their environment or make work that is easy. I don't set out to make decorations. It's the ideas and the challenges that keeps me going. I think it's possible for art to be aesthetically pleasing and be relevant to contemporary concerns. I think there is room for art in homes that wouldn't meet the approval of interior designers even if the local galleries disagree. Especially in today's times, art has to be about more than just surface level beauty.

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