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NFT Takeover

This week I started my adventure with NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). What are NFT’s? From my novice level understanding it’s like Crypto currency, but in the form of art. I just see NFt’s as a way for my digital works, both finished and experimental, to exist in a realm where they are valued in a fair way. My studio practice has involved digital processes since the invention of photoshop. Since that starting point, I’ve branched out into animation, databending, glitch art, and 3D model making using Maya and Blender. NFT’s can be any and all of those art forms. It can be traditional art as well.

At first I thought NFT’s were just jpg images on a hard drive but that’s not even half of it. The art which is turned into tokens are encoded with a special language that makes them unique items that can be tracked and accounted for like the serial numbers on paper bills. Just like with traditional art unique items can increase with value over time. Artist in America, unlike some countries, never get to profit off of the resale of their work, but NFT’s allow artist to make a commission on the resale. It’s cool that if an artist makes something popular it can help provide financial support for their studios many years down the road. The owner of the NFT can also make a profit too!

Another cool thing about NFT’s that I haven’t quite figured out yet is that you can create ways for the owners to have special access to perks when they take ownership of your token. Those special benefits can be personalized thank you messages, video insight into your studio practice, footage of the creation of the actual piece, or pretty much anything you can imagine. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m really excited about the future of this new space for Art.

If you want to check out what I’ve made so far and help support Forget Me Nots Land. You can do so at My username Is RogerAllanArt

and I’ve released an exciting pack of trading cards of the FMNL characters. Start collecting today. Get in on the ground floor of this as it could be huge in the future.

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