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Restoring Order

Today is my first day back in my oil painting studio. I have been working with mostly drawing media for the first part of this year. I am definitely ready to smell the linseed oil and turpentine in the air. Getting started has been a struggle; everything is all out of whack because of The Forget Me Not exhibition.

My brushes are not in the right position. My paint tubes are out of order. My palette knives are no where to be found.I have to get my medium to the right viscosity. Every body of work has it's own rhythm and order. I usually hit my stride towards in the middle of a body of work but you have to start somewhere. A good place to start is by using all the best elements from the last body of work.

Another reason I am motivated to paint today is that am trying to get a painting or two started because my studio will be emptied out soon for a show coming up in March in Jackson, MS. I will post more details about that event when I have more solid information.

I usually like to have a few pieces up while I am working because there is a conversation that happens between my paintings. They egg each other own and challenge each other for supremacy. I expect each work to compete for the right to share room in a space.

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