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Ring True

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

What rings true? What deserves to be placed on a pedestal for review. Bookie, the main character from my narrative, is exploring these ideas in the current chapter I am writing. I have made a few paintings exploring some of the sculptures in the story.

The sculptures are made up partly of scraps that are found in the Land of the Forget Me Nots and from things that Bookie has encountered in other worlds he has explored.

Horseshoe elements are plentiful in the Land of the FMN. They serve a historical function and a function that I am driving towards in the story line. I often played this game in my childhood. I've always liked games that were defined by skill, luck, and the pressure you can put on your competition.

The horse shoes,which sit on top of the

pedestals create two smaller pedestals, and the stakes create table tops for other icons. I'm thinking about options, visual relationships, and symbolic ways of telling a story.#

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