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The Danger Gods

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

I've been keeping pretty busy since my The Forget Me Nots Exhibition. I thought January was going to lead to a different direction, but it has been about me attacking the characters I created called the Danger Gods. I have completely figured out all the aspects of these characters: how they grow, their special powers, where they come from, and how they got to the Land of the Forget Me Nots.

I try to write five to seven pages a day in my notebook and everything is still in a rough format. I like that making the paintings and drawings sometimes gives me alternate lines of adventure to explore in the story. A lot of times I will make a drawing and have to go back and redo the story. It's both frustrating and exciting. A new drawing is like finding a new puzzle piece that fits. The writing seems to get richer with intricacies and details every time I complete a new drawing. I've always been fond of tales that sparked the imagination with vivid imagery. That is what I want from the art and the words that I put down on paper.

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