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Two Feet on Solid Ground

My last action in the studio is to sit in my chair and stare up into the darkness of the night. We have had some beautiful winter nights. I don't live in a place that has so many lights that you can't enjoy the stars. The best part of the day, when I can't get to the studio, is waking up and seeing the abstraction that takes place in the skyline and I equally enjoy how minimal things are at night. Night clouds are pretty too......

I'm always looking up because I believe that things are looking up. When I'm done looking over my paintings I just stare up into the sky, plan my future, and ask myself what else I can give to my work. One day I am going to be completely off filter and tell my story about sacrifice and overcoming pettiness to become who I want to become in this life. I choose to ignore a lot of things and people because I believe you attract the kind of energy you put out in this world. I hope that in the future that I am above giving negative thoughts any space to exist.

I feel like I'm on a roll and my hand and mind are charged with positive energy. I feel like I can't miss. I can't make a bad decision in the studio. This feeling is electric and I wish I had a hundred blank canvases lined up in front me because I could take them all on and win. I'm past the gateway paintings that signal a new body of work and my feet stand on a ground that is promising. I'm going to fight some spectacular battles in the studio as I am entering show mode - getting ready for a show in Philadelphia. I'm really excited to have an opportunity to introduce my work to a new part of the world. I will post more information about this show in the future. Right now I just want to kick some ass. I apologize to all my friends if I become a little distant and inaccessible. Just know that I am spending time in a world that I created that I completely love. I always create characters and icons of the people that mean the most to me so even thought I'm locked away in the lab you all are in my thoughts.

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