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xcopy /e \users\admin\desktop

For the past ten days I have been recovering my computer's hard drive through command prompt. I feel nostalgic as I look through old files and memories trying to decide what to keep and what to delete forever. After some time your computer contains a special imprint.

When you lose all your settings and preferences you feel like you are dealing with a stranger and not an old friend. I am trying to piece together things and make using my desktop a familiar experience.

I realize that there are people that I once cared about that I no longer have a connection. There are approaches to my art that I have abandoned for a more realized solution. A hard drive contains many ghost in the form of files.

I'm fighting the urge to linger too long in my history. The future is full of exciting opportunities and my thoughts and actions need to focus on what is to come. In a little more than two months I will be driving a show up the east coast. I am painting hard and free to make the exhibition special.

New works are coming soon. #artistslife #life #studioupdates

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